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RipTide FootStop 'OUT-Side'

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Sold Individually with washers, 1.75″ bolts, nuts, PSD sticker & a RipTide sticker.
⦁ Conforms to fit the concave of your board
⦁ Custom 60d Urethane
⦁ Durable
⦁ Lightweight 1.1 oz / 32 gm
⦁ Length: 1.56″ / 39.6 mm
⦁ Width:  3.44″ / 87.4 mm
⦁ Height:  .93″ / 23.6 mm
⦁ Slot Length:  .75″ / 19.1 mm
Why would I choose to use a FootStop?
⦁ Gives you exactly the same starting/balance point each time you skate which allows you to skate with more confidence and consistency. If you skate at night, you always know where your foot is on the deck without seeing it.
Which FootStop should I choose?
⦁ If you don’t move your foot much when you ride – choose a Concave Shape (In-Side, I/O Mini or use 2 KoMotions).
⦁ If you move your foot when you ride – choose a Convex Shape (Aer-Out, Out-Side, I/O Mini or KoMotion).
⦁ If you’re not sure, or perhaps you do both – choose a FootStop with BOTH a Concave and a Convex surface (I/O Mini, or use 2 KoMotions).
More about PSD / RipTide FootStops.
⦁ They’re designed by PSD Designs in the U.K. and are manufactured by RipTide in the U.S.A out of an extremely tough urethane so they will take whatever you throw at them.
⦁ The 60d urethane is hard yet still flexible.  This means the FootStop will conform to the concave of your board while still taking the compression of your mounting hardware!
⦁ The 95a KranK urethane of the KoMotion will mold slightly to the toe of your shoe to minimize the chance of your foot slipping while riding, will conform to the shape of your board and is able to withstand compression due to the mounting hardware!
⦁ Designed to take high impact hits so they won’t fail if your board hits a guardrail, tree, rocks or the hay bales.

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