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Reparador de Tablas de Bodyboards
Sponge-Rez is a tough, clear, ultra-flexible resin forumlated to mend the most common types of catastrophes bodyboards are heir to; worn-out leash anchors, creased bottoms, delaminated decks, hulls or rails, sponge-deck (also known as rash-deck) and semi-fatal gouges. Sponge-Rez works on all types of bodyboard materials including Ethafoam, Surlyn, EVA, Vinyl, and Arcel, however it will melt styrofoam (EPS) cores. Sponge-Rez alsp repairs cracked, weathered swim fins. If applied to the fin blades, it increases their stiffness and thrust.
General Directions:
1. Surface should be clean, dry, and free of dirt, and or wax.
2. Use in well ventilated area, preferably outdoors.
DO NOT deliberatley inhale vapors – don’t be stupid.
3. Apply liberally on porous surfaces. Use spreader to force Sponge-Rez into the damged part of the board. Do not apply Sponge-Rez with your fingers.
4. Sponge-Rez will «skin-over» in about 10-15 min. and feel dry in about 2 hours but a complete cure takes 24 hours – especially when filling deep gouges.

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