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Venom Bushing Eliminator

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We want to help you choose your bushing for your body weight.
23-45 Kg: 73-80a
34-56 Kg: 78-82a
45-65 Kg: 80-85a
56-79 Kg: 80-87a
65-88 Kg: 82-90a
79-99 Kg: 85-93a
90-113 Kg: 90-93a
101 Kg and up: 90-97a
1 package = 1 Truck
Venom HPF (High Performance Formula) Eliminator Longboard skateboard bushings are used mainly for Downhill racing. Eliminators use a cup washer and a flat washer.
Venom bushings are considered the highest quality bushings by experienced downhill riders and Longboard enthusiasts. If you have not tried a Venoms on your Racing board or Cruising longboard, you have not yet felt a rebounding truck. These bushings compress and release to perfect center. Choose your durometer carefully. Don’t just purchase the bushing because the color matches your skateboard. You should consider your weight and board shape carefully before ordering your bushings. Call us if you need some assistance.
Height: ~15.50mm
Step Diameter (into bushing seat): ~25.30mm
Max Diameter (out of bushing seat): ~30.50mm
Inner Diameter: ~9.50mm

This bushing is our way of paying homage to what is, if we’re honest, one of the greatest bushings of all time: The Tracker Stimulator. The stepped out design lets you put a lot more urethane under your feet. The result of this, is you can run a softer duro and still maintain the same stability. In short, more turn, less wob, and more rebound from all the extra bushing. The Eliminator is also specifically designed to accommodate precision trucks with spherical bearings. One side of the bushing has an indented “dish” to prevent contact with the bearing that causes twitch.
High Performance (HPF): The original Venom High Performance formula is the most trusted and tested formula used by the world’s top downhill racers. A perfect blend of rebound and dampening to keep you stable at high speeds and hook up with control out of corners.

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78A, 81A, 85A, 87A, 90A, 93A, 95A, 97A






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